Friday, January 25, 2008

Investment in Characters

Have you ever picked up a book where the characters pulled at you, your emotions getting the best of you while you read it. Then, all too soon, the story has ended and you are left with a strong desire for more. Then, you discover that there is a second book and, if you are lucky, a third. The more you read, the more the individual characters become people. Their lives are real for the time you are immersed in their lives. You pick up book four and learn more, then book five opens another door. Ah, suddenly you are on book 7 and you wonder where the time has gone.
What am I talking about, you ask? I am speaking of the darling Shiloh Walker. I first picked up Hunting the Hunter. It looked interesting. I found it at a bookstore I am sure, but who remembers where you pick up your books these days? I am nearly 100% sure that I purchased the volume new, which is rare for me. The cover struck me as interesting, the synopsis grabbed hold and I had to read the book. I was satisfied, but I wanted to know more. Who were these Hunters? What were they? What else could I learn about their universe?
After a brief google search I discovered that - gasp - Ms. Walker was an erotic romance writer. She, in fact, had numerous e-books to her credit. Many of those were of these Hunters that had captured my interest so thoroughly. Well, I decided to put my hangups aside and purchase the first book. A very erotic read, but I was hooked. I had to know more.
Ten books later, I discover that there is a second book to Declan and Tori's story. What? Declan dies in "I'll Be Hunting You"? Oh no, I could not read that book. I had invested so much time in these characters, they were important, they meant something to all the other Hunters. How could I enjoy the future knowing that the love that was Declan and Tori didn't survive? So, I searched online for a spoiler, something to give me hope before I invested in the book. I came up with teasers, "this is a romance and Tori couldn't be happy with anyone but Declan". (That is a loose quote) After reading Lover Unbound, I don't think I could handle another ghostly love story.
So, I decided to forgo the story. Then all day today I couldn't stop thinking about it, dammit! So, I bought it tonight. It is 65 pages short, which is good because I don't think I could have gotten through more pages of hurt. I was sure I would hate Shiloh Walker by the end. I don't. So if you want a spoiler, let me know and I will tell you the ending before you read the book. But, don't worry. The loose quote above is correct...and it isn't like LU at all.
So, take the trip into Ms. Walker's world, you will enjoy the ride. Oh, and because she doesn't like it, google her name in images. You will find one of the very few pics of her on the web. ;)

Okay, with that said.

Listening To: Garth Brooks "Live in L.A."
Reading: Nothing as I just finished I'll Be Hunting You - and rereading Mal and Leandra's stories.
Feeling: Content, relaxed, loved and warm.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Edge...

Lex and Terry are off KDGE/The Edge! What? Are you saying that the couple of years they were on the station and "going strong" was long enough? I wouldn't know, I tuned off of 102.1 when Lex and Terry came on. I will stick with my original assessment that they SUCK DONKEYS! And, yes, you may leave your lovely comments about how that particular morning show was your favorite wet dream, causing you to have multiple cargasms on the way to work...then you can listen to my opinion. I am so very happy that they are gone (also happy that the Eagle is back, but I just won't listen to their morning show) because now I may add 102.1 back to my pre-programmed stations on my radio.