Sunday, October 22, 2006

I can walk! (Updates on the infamous Talus Fracture)

Well, almost anyways. I have been given the all clear to walk. My OS suggests using a cane. It is painful. I complained that the boot I was in did not feel supportive enough and he put me in a removable cast. This was done as a cast is custom to my leg and foot as it molds to me when it hardens. Currently I am not liking the fit and may have to go back this week for different one. He also suggested a cortisone injection, but I think I will hold off on that for a few more weeks. I am told that the injection will help with the pain which would make it more bearable to walk. It is still very painful and I have not worked up the courage to put my full weight on that foot yet. I am using a walker. I will pick up a cane this week and see how it goes.
The bad news is that there has been onset of AVN (avascular necrosis) at the top of the bone. This means that the bone is calcifying signifying the lack of blood supply to the bone. I am told that it could be worse. While the bone has not collapsed, there is still a chance of that. This is why I need to be extra careful when putting weight on it, using a cane in case I lose my balance. Knowing this is what feeds my fear of walking on it. But I am trying.
In addition, Dr. Heier wants me to break my tibia or fibula the next time I decide to break a bone. Ha! Like I chose this one in the first place.
Pelvis fracture is doing better than the talus fracture. The pelvis is healing. I was given some simple exercises to help increase strength in my thigh, back and butt muscles to hopefully alleviate the pain I am having in my back and glutes. We will see how it goes.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's a Pumpkin Eat Pumpkin World

It has been a while since a post, but I wanted to share my picture. I carved the pumpkin eating a little pumpkin. Like a cannibal pumpkin. Someone at my last job did a pumpkin like it and then I found a bunch of other pictures of people who did the same thing. I thought it was cool, so here is my rendition.

I noticed that some of the hits to my blog were specifically looking for a cannibal pumpkin pattern. Unfortunately, I do not have a pattern, but it was fairly simple to achieve without the pattern.
My particular pumpkin was carved partially with a pattern and partially free hand. The eyes I carved from a pattern, I got the pattern with the carving kit I picked up at Wal-Mart. You could just pick any pair of eyes you like and print it to carve on your pumpkin. I chose not to free hand this part because I wanted them to be symmetrical. I chose a spot for the pupils and scraped the pumpkin skin off to achieve that light yellow effect. This part of the eye (pupil) was not in the pattern, but I thought it added a realism to the pumpkin. You will notice there is no nose on the pumpkin, mainly because I forgot. (There went my realism)
Then the fun part. The mouth I freehanded. I carved the spot for the little pumpkin smaller than I thought it needed to be then slowly carved out more and more a bit at a time to make the space large enough to fit. I used the small pumpkin as the guide, periodically trying to shove it into the larger pumpkins mouth. I made sure to leave the "tooth" as the piece to hold the little pumpkin in the larger pumpkin's mouth. I debated with using a toothpick through the tooth and into the little pumpkin to hold it in place. In the end, I opted to just leave it alone. The tooth held the small pumpkin in place just fine.
The small pumpkin I did not carve. I just drew on him with a permanent marker.
I used WD-40 on the pumpkin post carving. Though it did not smell like anything other than WD-40, my pumpkin still collapsed after 4 days. I would not suggest this method. I think you should just leave the pumpkin as is after carving and let nature take it's course. You should, however, carve closer to the actual event you want to use it for, Halloween, party, contest, etc. OR - you could put your very large pumpkin in your refrigerator and just drink all the beer you have in there to make room. I vote carve closer to the date you will need it.
Hope this "tutorial" helps someone. If so, post pics and comments. :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just a small update on the talus fracture

I saw the doctor on Friday (9/29) and the verdict is I still am unable to walk. I will be using the roll-a-bout for about another 3-4 weeks. I can weight bear in small doses to walk to bathroom and such, but definitely not outside of the house. My hips still hurt and get real sore after a long day of work or shopping. I am putting some weight on my foot, but have not tried walking yet. To tell the truth, I am scared. Dr. Heier, when I asked if I could walk, was still hesitant when he mentioned walking around the house. Hearing that, I am taking it slow. He says that the talus is just one of those fractures that he likes to take extra care with. The bone is healing nicely from what we can tell. So far there is no sign of AVN (avascular necrosis). We are concerned about that as well as arthritis, but we will wait and see.
I am still in the boot, and I have it on whenever I put any weight on the foot. I do not put weight on it without the boot on. I will probably be wearing the boot for a little while longer.
Okay, I am going to eat lunch. More later people!