Friday, March 24, 2006

I am a bad recipient

I suck at being an SP recipient. I haven't posted a single pic. So, I am back in town after the week long, much deserved vacation. We had a great time! We were sad to leave and I wish we could have spent more time with them. I have TONS of pics of the holiday, but that will have to wait until I get the new harddrive for my computer installed. Hehe...not enough space on the ol' computer right now. are the two presents I received from my secret pal.

Thanks Secret Pal! I look forward to discovering who you are!! =)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wow, two posts in one day

I didn't want to forget, so I thought I would make a quick blog about this. I got a set of Denise Interchangeables with my gift certificate to the LYS in Florence. And, Aaron broke a toilet here at my dad's house. It was quite funny, though embarrassing for him. I am sure it was more embarrassing that we kept making fun of him, telling him he needed to use the bathroom outside from now on and that he couldn't eat as much as he had been. Anyways, the toilet started leaking and overflowing. It was hilarious. We have to replace a valve (purchased on our way home from the LYS) and hopefully that will take care of the problem. is cold

We are in Colorado. It is cold. Very cold. We are having a good time. The drive out here was long, 6 hours to Amarillo and 6 hours to Pueblo. The drive to Amarillo was the worst. It took nearly and hour and a half to get out of Dallas. Plus, it was night and we were tired so it seemed to take FOREVER to get to Amarillo.

We met our grandmother on my Dad's side on Saturday when we got in to town. We met a lot of our family on my Dad's side on Sunday when we had a lunch time barbecue. Everyone was really nice. It is kind of weird that some of them remember me from when I was a tiny baby.

We went to Breckenridge yesterday to see some big snow. That was great fun. I have never seen so much snow. We drove up to the ski lift areas, parked and ate sandwiches for lunch in the snow. We also did a little sledding down the road. That was fun, especially since we have never been sledding.

Then we went up to their (Dad and Nita's) cabin. It was very rustic, I had to pee in a bucket (TMI). We took pictures, played Scrabble and ate dinner. Aaron shot a Magnum 357 right before we left. I knew the gunshot was going to be loud, but it was still a surprise when it went off.

I have lots of pictures, but I can't upload from here. I will post more pics as soon as I am back in town.

Oh, and I got a gift card to a local yarn shop. We are going there today.

PS: To my secret pal, THANK YOU for the wonderful yarn and yarn cutter pendant. It was wonderful. I took pictures right before I left town, but didn't upload them to my server correctly so the pics are unviewable. =(
There is a little story behind the yarn you gave me that made it extra great, but I can't tell the story until the Secret Pal 7 is completed.
I just wanted to say THANKS!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Who is turning the big 25?

Yes, I will be turning half of 50 this Sunday. With all the prep and excitement of our upcoming trip, I almost forgot that I have a birthday coming up. I took my mom with me to The Shabby Sheep this weekend. I went to look for something for my secret pal, and I ended up getting a little something for myself as well. My mom asked me what I would like for my birthday and I told her needles, circular needles. She had no idea what I was talking about. =)
So, I have compiled a list of needles I currently own. It is not too detailed, but all the DPNs I own are aluminum except for one, the great bamboo set from my SP (size 8). All the rest of my needles are either plastic or aluminum. I am partial to the plastic needles. I thought that I preferred to knit on straights, that was until I started knitting in public. Now I realize the upside of knitting on circulars. I was waiting for a table at a restaurant recently and I was very aware of nearly stabbing the patrons nearby, not to mention the needle getting caught in the sleeve of my jacket. Though, one woman did say that knitting was "amazing".

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just 3 more days...

Project Runway finale is this Wednesday. Who do you think will win? I have a soft spot for Daniel V., but after seeing some of the garments that Santino will show I really believe it will be him. Daniel takes it too safe, and this is the reason I believe he will not win. Don't get me wrong, I think he has beautiful pieces, but I don't think he has put enough into his collection. He needs more color, more design elements, more oomph. We will see, I guess.

Oh, and trip countdown is 5 days. We leave on Friday.