Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is summer really almost over?

Is it possible that I haven't posted since April? I guess it is. The summer has just flown by, probably because it rained so much in the beginning that it did not really feel like summer until August 1. Then the heat rolled in. So we haven't had the hellish summer we had last year, which was a nice reprieve.
The DH and I went to Guam this summer as well. It was fantastic albeit a bit short. We did not do nearly as much as we had hoped to do, but there will always be a next time. We hope. Considering this was my first time home since 1999, it was especially good for me. I guess it is always a nice when you go home and you realize almost everything is how you left it. That is the feeling I had in Guam. Like time froze until I got back and everything was peaceful, beautiful, and how it should be. We are all a bit older, all a bit wiser and all a bit more stressed out, but we are all the same. Friends and family just clicked right back into place as if we had never left. And, what a relief to know you can go home again.
I spent the rest of the summer reading books that I am sure most think will deteriorate the mind. I discovered paranormal romance/urban fantasy and have submerged myself into other worlds on a regular basis. I think I have read close to a hundred stories this summer, and have not finished. There are about 5 books in my TBR pile, but there were 9 on Friday night. As you can see, I am just plowing through them. I have never been one to pick up a series that had not been completed, I am not a patient person. Without thoroughly researching a series, I started reading at least 4 different ones...all of which have left me hanging with open ends that will not be closed in the near future. Some of them do not even have new books coming out until 2008! (damn you) But, to assuage some of the coursing want, some of the books I am waiting for come out this month and next month. (cheering inside)
A frugal person from necessity I have never had the habit of buying books new, but some of these series books have me hooked and I find myself haunting Barnes and Noble waiting, watching, ready to pounce on a new release. Unable to wait until a copy hits Half Price Books. *sigh*
On another note, I have been contemplating knitting and sewing, though have not actually done anything about it.
Another thing I picked up this summer is working out. I started in May. I go to an actual gym and I always have a goal of 5 days a week, but I am usually closer to 3 regularly. It still kicks my butt, but I pray that said butt will stop getting larger if I continue to make it to the godawful torture facility. My ankle screams at some of the torture I put it through, and the OS insists that I am healed, but sometimes I wonder if the pain will ever go away. I have asked and been told that I will need at least arthroscopic surgery and possible hardware removal. Though, the OS is hesitant about the hardware removal as am I. I had a steroid injection before the trip to Guam, and that helped immensely on the trip there. The trip back, however, caused my ankle to swell to double it's size and caused some mighty discomfort the whole 30 some odd hours home.
And finally, I will rant about television. Everyone who knows (and loves) me knows that I have a heavy addiction to the wonderful world of television. This summer has sucked because there have not been any new shows I have been particularly interested in. I am not a big reality watcher and it seems that the summer has been littered with reality show after reality show. I find it extra aggravating that the new seasons do not start until the end of summer. Do you remember the days when the summer hiatus ended at the end of August and started in June? Why do series end so early (in May these days) and start so late? You might as well not start until October. Geez! And then you take a winter hiatus as well!
Ahh...I can't wait for the office to start back up. I know that, even if you are a Pam/Jim fan, some people do not want them to get together as they believe it will affect the general integrity of the show. I, on the other hand, would like to see a season or two with them together, then a nice break up, then maybe even a series ending reconciliation. I could live with that. I know it sounds much like Ross/Rachel, but that was a good ride for a few seasons anyways. Plus it was just too painful watching Pam and Jim in the beginning of last season. I missed their easy banter and one minded foolishness. To me, that is part of the show and is hard to swallow without it.
Ok, I leave you with this. I am listening to A Fine Frenzy, One Cell In The Sea. I am reading nothing because I just finished a book. I have reread both Moon Called and Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs this week (don't torture yourself because Iron Kissed doesn't come out until January, dammit) GO ADAM! And the TV is off for once because the DH is sleeping quite peacefully. All in all, a good Sunday morning.

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