Saturday, November 08, 2008

Yes We Did

Like me, some of you are part of a generation that is so young there are few things we can claim as our own. We can't say "I remember where I was when that historical event happened". We are members of the generation most believe to be lazy and uncaring of the future, selfish and self absorbed. Most events we know of come from our history books and the stories passed to us from the elders in our lives. Unfortunately for our generation, most of the things we could talk about were tragedies (specifically 9/11).
Today, we have a joyous event to add to our list.
We can now say where we were when we heard the United States of America had elected Barack Obama. Where were you when young voters, and voters period, came out to vote in record numbers? People even lined up for hours to cast their ballot for the leader of their choice. Where were you when the first cheers went up announcing a victory for not the democratic party, not the black community, not the minority community, but a victory for every person who believes that this is their chance for change? I know where I was and I am happy to be able to say that I was apart of American history today.
This is a new age for America. A new time where we come together for the greater good and leave behind old thoughts and feelings. We are going to come out ahead again.
Today, Yes We Did.

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