Friday, December 30, 2005

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

So the holiday rush has ended and I am sure you are tired. Your mailbox has probably emptied now that the post office has caught up all your mail. I thought I would drop you a note to say thank you. I know that I didn't get any of my presents from you as I have gone over the Santa age limit, but I think you had something to do with the wonderful things I received this year.
The ottoman was genius, now I can put up my feet when I am knitting. Also, I can put my knitting items in the ottoman to keep while I am sleeping or at work...which means I am not able to knit. This gives all these items a home.
The knitting kits were great and I will start on the doggie sweater when I get home today. It will be red and is for a friend's dog. I am going to make one for Pika and Tank as well.
The knitting desk calendar is filled with projects I can't wait to start on. I am not sure I will have enough time this year, but I am sure going to try.
My computer thanks you for talking with Uncle Alex about the much needed new hard drive. Now she won't have to give me little pop ups of how my hard drive is full and needs help.
I really enjoyed all the rest of my presents as well, the knives (sharp), dragonfly (beautiful), perfume (nice), pictures in their picture frames (because we all know I don't frame pictures), the back massager (aaahhh), and the books (knitting books!).
And of course, the sewing machine was much appreciated. Though I haven't used it yet, it is already set up and ready to go.
Well, I am sure you want to put this letter away so Mrs. Clause can get back to rubbing your big toes. Hope you have a great new year. I hope you get some rest during the down time of most of the year.



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