Saturday, December 31, 2005

A new year is coming

I am cleaning out all of my old books, magazines and such in preparation for the new year. I am going to my favorite book store, Half Price Books, to see if I can find any new books and magazines to replace the old ones with. Then I am heading to a Barnes and Noble to see if their calendars are half off since I really want this.

I am currently working on this and I hope to be finished with it soon. I am using wool-ease in a purple color. I was lucky and found a beautiful color at Tuesday Morning - it was $7 for 3 balls! I will post pics when I remember to take a picture of it.

I am about to start work on a dog sweater for a friend. She really wants a doggie sweater and I got the Target kit for Christmas. Perfect person to try it out on. I am not sure if my dog will wear it, but I think I will make one for her as well. The cold season here might not last much longer, so I will have to finish it as quickly as possible so the doggies can wear their new duds.

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