Thursday, August 10, 2006

One Week Down and 3 To Go

Yes, I said one week down. In the cast, I have 3 weeks to go. Then I should be out of it. WooHoo!! But, I saw Dr. Heier the other day and he indicated that he probably would put me into a removable cast instead of a boot. I was hoping to be completely out of a cast, but I will settle for a removable cast over the regular cast that I have on now. Still no walking for another 8 weeks, but at least I will be able to take a shower without a plastic bag over my leg.
I went back to work this week. So far I have not completed a whole work day, but I am hoping to suck it up and do 8 hour days starting next week. Tomorrow is a short day as we get out of work early on Fridays. My ankle and leg have been swelling quite a bit while at work. The swelling causes issues because it is painful. It feels very tight with a burning and tingling. It isn't unbearable, just difficult. Surgery was on July 20. I have been off of all pain meds for one week now and I feel pretty good. I was taking the pain medication for 2 weeks post surgery. My stomach was very upset from all the medications. One day I just chucked all the meds and decided I could do without it. Maybe not the smartest idea, but at least my stomach is trying to kill me now.
My foot spasms every now and then. This causes bad pains in my ankle. It takes a while for that to ease. My toes also spasm and that causes pain as well. I can wiggle my toes, but I do not have full range of motion. I cannot lift them and I cannot bend them completely. This is very painful and can cause my foot to spasm.
I have been trying to do some research on talus fractures. Most of what I could find was not good news. Things like blood supply loss to the bone, bone death (avascular necrosis), loss of up and down movements, weakness, arthritis, continued pain. There was some good news like, if the bone was not displaced then there is a good chance that the bone will not die and the blood supply will naturally renew itself. Considering it took 6 pins to fix, something tells me the bone was displaced. The information that I have also said that the whole bone may not die. There may be sporadic death and that some of the bone may still be viable. I am still hoping for the best though.
I am hanging in there. It could be worse. I could have died.
With that I leave you with a picture of the crash. I was the passenger.

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