Thursday, September 07, 2006

One More Month Down

I know, I know, it has been a month since the last post. Apparently, even being injured has not improved my blogging skills. This is a quick update for anybody who cares. I am out of the cast now - I actually got out of it 4 days ahead of schedule. Dr. Heier was kind enough to take me out of it a few days early. I actually went in to see Dr. Guess about my back and Dr. Heier was kind enough to check to see what I was doing in the office not seeing him. So, he agreed to take the cast off. I am in a boot (you know the one, it looks like a huge black ski boot). This is 100% removable, which means I can sleep, lounge and shower without something covering my leg/foot. It is still too soon to tell if AVN will set in, but we have high hopes that it won't.
I am working full time, 40 hours a week just as usual. I am using a Roll-A-Bout to get around. So, no more wheelchair - THANK GOODNESS! I am still not able to walk, but at least I can get around on my own for the most part
Now for the problems.
My foot still swells to about twice its size on a daily basis. Everyday that I go to work, go shopping, or am not in bed with my leg propped up means my foot, ankle and calf will be swollen for hours before it decreases in size to something closer to resembling a human foot.
My skin is still very dry. The day the cast came off it looked horrendous. It was scaly and sensitive. My skin was tight where the dry skin was not shedding and loose where it was. My foot is still very itchy and not quite healed. I am suspicious that this has a lot to do with the fact that my foot still swells thereby stretching the healthy skin. This causes my skin to dry out and break. Oh, the itching is bad.
My back (really it is my hip and tailbone area) are still very bothersome. In fact, some movements of my leg cause a deep, shooting, nerve pinching pain down my leg. This is very uncomfortable and makes me very cautious about moving around, even when I am lying down. I also have pain while on the roll-a-bout. My right leg and inner thigh hurt constantly when I am it. Getting on and off is painful, though moving around on it is bearable. Most of the pain was concentrated on my right side, but has been becoming more bothersome on my left side as of late.
Okay, so that is enough of the injury updates. Now on to the fun stuff.
I have been knitting as of late and have some projects in mind. This weekend I will post pictures. Yes, I said pictures. These will be of in-progress projects as well as some pics of my post cast foot in case anybody is interested on what to expect if they are going through the same talus fracture woes.
More updates this weekend. I will keep everyone posted. I am going to try to post more often to see if I can keep up with the 4 post requirement for SP9 before I sign up for it. I really enjoyed SP7 and am really looking forward to taking part in another one.

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Beth said...

Hi, I managed to earn myself a grade 3 severe sprain (or so I thought) on August 26th. Original ankle x-rays in the ER showed nothing (so I was originally told).
I was given a splint.

After 2 weeks, following the advice of my regular doc and physical therapist, and having my foot x-rayed in the walk-in clinic because of the pain, I made an appt with an Orthopedic Specialist. The first thing he said is that there was something about the talus that needed to be looked at closer. I had MRIs last Tuesday. I met with my Ortho Spec for a prognosis on Sept. 15th to find his words that I had "really smoked my talus". Fortunately, nothing was displaced and I think for the most part,the 2 fractures were compression fractures.

I got off easy! I was placed in a walking boot right plaster surgery! But I'm still crabby as everything, working from my laptop at home, with my foot elevated. You know how it is...if the foot isn't elevated, the toes begin to look like little round purple grapes! Not to mention the rest of the swelling.

Anyway, Deva and the rest of you talus injury inflicted bloggers....speedy recoveries. I can't wait to melt these crutches down to a puddle of metal! At least 2 more weeks before that might be possible.