Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just a small update on the talus fracture

I saw the doctor on Friday (9/29) and the verdict is I still am unable to walk. I will be using the roll-a-bout for about another 3-4 weeks. I can weight bear in small doses to walk to bathroom and such, but definitely not outside of the house. My hips still hurt and get real sore after a long day of work or shopping. I am putting some weight on my foot, but have not tried walking yet. To tell the truth, I am scared. Dr. Heier, when I asked if I could walk, was still hesitant when he mentioned walking around the house. Hearing that, I am taking it slow. He says that the talus is just one of those fractures that he likes to take extra care with. The bone is healing nicely from what we can tell. So far there is no sign of AVN (avascular necrosis). We are concerned about that as well as arthritis, but we will wait and see.
I am still in the boot, and I have it on whenever I put any weight on the foot. I do not put weight on it without the boot on. I will probably be wearing the boot for a little while longer.
Okay, I am going to eat lunch. More later people!

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