Sunday, October 22, 2006

I can walk! (Updates on the infamous Talus Fracture)

Well, almost anyways. I have been given the all clear to walk. My OS suggests using a cane. It is painful. I complained that the boot I was in did not feel supportive enough and he put me in a removable cast. This was done as a cast is custom to my leg and foot as it molds to me when it hardens. Currently I am not liking the fit and may have to go back this week for different one. He also suggested a cortisone injection, but I think I will hold off on that for a few more weeks. I am told that the injection will help with the pain which would make it more bearable to walk. It is still very painful and I have not worked up the courage to put my full weight on that foot yet. I am using a walker. I will pick up a cane this week and see how it goes.
The bad news is that there has been onset of AVN (avascular necrosis) at the top of the bone. This means that the bone is calcifying signifying the lack of blood supply to the bone. I am told that it could be worse. While the bone has not collapsed, there is still a chance of that. This is why I need to be extra careful when putting weight on it, using a cane in case I lose my balance. Knowing this is what feeds my fear of walking on it. But I am trying.
In addition, Dr. Heier wants me to break my tibia or fibula the next time I decide to break a bone. Ha! Like I chose this one in the first place.
Pelvis fracture is doing better than the talus fracture. The pelvis is healing. I was given some simple exercises to help increase strength in my thigh, back and butt muscles to hopefully alleviate the pain I am having in my back and glutes. We will see how it goes.

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Stanislav said...


I got my left talus broken on the 25th of Jan. Got x-rayed the next day only. Was told to see the ortho surgeon, but could not get an appointment until Feb,14. Managed to get a CT scan 2 days ago, received the results today. Before this was not taken seriously by anybody in the family, "oh, just a sprain..." Started reading about the talus fracture and got all scared witless. Found your blog. It made me feel worse/better. Worse - from reading about doc's prognosis and your ordial in general. A little better - seeing that you are surviving it. Thank you for the blog. Stas, St Augustine FL