Monday, November 27, 2006


If you haven't heard of it before, then please take a moment to read about it. Breed specific legislation is what your government is spending its money on. It is your government trying to tell you what type of dog you are allowed to own. What type of dog it thinks is safe. Today it is the American Pit Bull Terrier that is at risk. And it is at risk in your backyard. Even if you do not own an American Pit Bull Terrier, please do not support BSL. If this is successful with the American Pit Bull Terrier it will be successful with other breeds. One day the German Shepard, Akita, Doberman, Wolf breeds, Rottweiler and any other breed deemed "dangerous" or "vicious" will be on the chopping block. People who are ignorant on the subject of how dogs react to different methods of training. Your dog could be next.
Please support the punishment of the deed and not the breed. We all know that breeding is not the only factor in an animal's behavior. The owner, yes, you and I, are what make our dogs strong or weak. Fierce or docile. Treacherous or loyal. We make our dogs who they are, we make them act the way we do. It is our training, our treatment of them, our energy that makes them the great dogs that they are. Unfortunately, there are people out there who think about themselves only and not about how their individual actions will affect the people who live nearby. And your city, county, and state reps do not understand. They want to keep the people who are scared and ignorant of the breed happy without doing the proper research.
Punish the people who teach their dogs to attack. Punish the people who do not love their dogs, who put their personal wants above the needs of their dogs. Punish the people who abuse their dogs. Do not punish the owners who take care of their animals. Who treat them as part of the family. Who protect their animals as well as the people who may come in contact with them. Do not punish us, the owners who care and do not want to lose our beloved dogs. We keep them because they are strong, loyal, and caring animals.
So, fight BSL. Even if you do not have a dog, do not have an American Pit Bull Terrier, fight BSL. Register to vote, write to your reps, sign the petitions. Get your voice heard. Before it is too late and your dog is taken away from you as well.

If you live in the Dallas area, especially DeSoto, please note that your city is trying to pass a breed specific ban targeting the American Pit Bull Terrier. Please go to your city's meeting as they will be trying to do this on 12/7. Sign the petitions. Let your voice be heard!

Do not let them take away your dogs because of one person's stupid acts.

Helpful links filled with educational information
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Borrego said...

I posted a bunch of pics on my page, come check'em out, not just the english blog, but the spanish one as well.

Borrego said...

I posted a bunch of pics on my page, come check'em out, not just the english blog, but the spanish one as well.

Howard Margolius said...

Please read and link to my Pitbull Story, perhaps you heard of it?

Thank you,

Howard Margolius