Sunday, November 26, 2006

In Your Eyes - Rogue Wave

Quick post about Rogue Wave. I was watching Just Friends and the song that plays towards the end of the movie. You know the part, where Chris is flying back to Jersey and searching for Jaime. Anyways, I kept thinking how that song is so very familiar. It was bugging me, so I did a google search for the lyrics. I didn't know the title or artist when I did the search, so I just typed in the lyrics as I heard it. I came across this blog, which put my mind at ease. The song's title is Eyes and artist is Rogue Wave. You see, the song plays on an episode of Heroes. So, listen to the song, watch Heroes because it rocks, and go ahead and watch Just Friends if you need something to fill a void on a Sunday night when you do not want to go to sleep because then Monday will come that much sooner. Just have the TiVo tuner set to some comedy rerun so you can toggle during boring or just embarrassingly painful moments.
Oh, in case anyone is wondering. I had a good Thanksgiving. We had ham, chicken kelaguen, bbq chicken Guam style, rice, and some other things. Aaron's mom came in for a short visit. Her first chance since the accident. She wanted to come and put her mind at ease I guess. And it was a short notice visit...meaning she called us on Monday to let us know she arrived on Wednesday. We did a lot of shopping while she was here. Result? Mailing a whole bunch of stuff back to Guam. =)
Have a good night folks.


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Anonymous said...

i have been searching for the title of that song for day! tanx to ur blog i got the name:) i watched the movie just friends but i fell in love with the song after hearing it on heroes just had no idea who sang it or the track name. tanx a mill:)