Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Working for the Devil

I am home today because I feel like crap. I guess I have been getting sick since last week Friday...should have known because I was asleep during the whole drive to the fair and barely ate anything there, even though it was my first State Fair trip and I was so looking forward to it. Then didn't get out of bed on Sunday. By Monday my stomach was proving that I was not its favorite person...two more days of that and I was ready to just crawl in bed and never see the sun again. Anyways, this evening I am feeling marginally better. Hope that was the worst of it.
I am reading Lilith Saintcrow's Working For The Devil. I read the first five chapters on Sunday night and have been slogging through it since then. I am only half way through, which is a bit unusual for me. I am interested in it, just can't sit still to read it because I haven't been feeling all that well. Definitely not on top of my game. The book was recommended to me via this thread. I bought one of each of the books recommended, but chose the "darker" one to start with. It is an interesting take on the devil and a different world most definitely worth the time learning. Quite a journey, a ride I am glad I didn't pass up on. Ms. Saintcrow does a great job describing her characters. More about it when I finish it...I also have the second book in the series, which I am sure I will pick up immediately after completing the first one. Another nice thing? The series has an end in sight. It is slated for 5 books, with 3 out already, the fourth out in a month and the final one out in January. This means no long, drawn out, damning, cursing years of waiting!
I finally googled the song in the Old Navy know the one. "if you are chilly, here take my sweater 'cuz I love the way you call me baby and you take me the way I am" I love that song! So, I googled the lyrics and it is Ingrid Michaelson. A lovely which she professes to buy you Rogaine when you start to lose your hair. And if that isn't love then what is? And he takes her the way she is...that is just beautiful. *sniffle*
I have been thinking about Lover Unbound for this past week and the more I do the more I realize that the book wasn't as bad as I made it out to be with my last post. Obviously it didn't end exactly as I would have thought, but surprise endings are what make a book interesting. It is what should keep you coming back for more. I am disappointed in some of the comments I read on JR's website by supposed fans. I, at least, kept my negative opinions to my little blog that nobody reads. So...I am sure she came out with this so damn quickly because there was mass disappointment when it came to her book, but here is the link to the slice of life. It may help you feel better about the V/Jane HAE. I have to admit that it made me feel better, though it just said the same thing her book said: Jane can solidify if she thinks about it and V can touch her all the time without concentration because of his gift...but it just, umm, drives home that the other option for Jane would have been to grow old and die. Let's face it, what kind of happy ever after is that? Oh, and if that Slice of Life link doesn't work (you may need to be a forum member), try this link instead. Slice Of Life on

Feeling Like: Crap
Reading: See above
Listening to: Ingrid Michaelson and A Fine Frenzy
Watching: Mm...'Til Death and Criminal Minds tonight. Still need to catch up on Grey's Anatomy.

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