Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lover Unbound Spoiler, Review, Rant...

I had a patient come in on Monday and when I spotted what she was putting back in her purse I got all excited. I barely could contain myself.
"Is that the new J.R. Ward book?" I practically shouted, almost jumping across the counter to grab at it. Thank goodness for very recognizable book covers.
She said yes and I proceeded to bombard her with my trials of trying to locate that book (several Walmarts, calling all around the city to different bookstores). Turns out she found it at a Walmart that was going to take me a total of 45 minutes to get to and from. So, I had a hard time getting through the rest of the day, I was so anxious to get my hands on the book. It was the last one on the shelf. I want to jump up and down for finding it even a day early.
I stayed up until 3am to read it. I even put down another book that I was currently reading - which is something I NEVER do.
Okay, now that you know the back story let me tell you about the actual story.
Scroll Down a bit to see, just in case you don't really want to know my opinion or read any spoilers because I can't guarantee that there won't be any.

The happily ever after left a bad taste in my mouth as well a sadness that cloaked the whole read. I felt like I wasted my time, money and gas. I should have waited until it was at Half Price Books. Then maybe I wouldn't have felt so cheated.
So, I did read spoilers. I knew Jane was a ghost, though I didn't know how or when or what. I thought maybe she was a ghost from the beginning, but no, much worse. I understand the angst, the torture, the sadness leading up to what should have been the traditional happy ending you expect from a romance novel. If that is what you are expecting then you will be sorely disappointed. First off, Jane dies. Yes, dies. Then, somehow, the author makes it so that Jane can come back. Hmm...but come back as what you ask? A damn ghost. You remember the movie Ghost with Demi Moore. Remember how when Patrick Swayze meets the other ghost in the subway and the other ghost can touch things? Okay, Jane is like that. She has to concentrate very hard in order to be able to pick something up, or even be seen by others. Though, how this works I am not quite sure, V can see her all the time. He is able to touch her all the time concentration or not because of his gift/curse.
This isn't a happy ever after to me. To be with someone who can't really be there? Geez, people walk right into her - another thing that doesn't make sense because if she is wearing clothing you should be able to see the clothing, right? I mean, I think the book even mentions how her clothing looks empty. So how does Rhage walk into her?
The best parts were the V and Butch exchanges. It was very sweet. I don't know if the author always meant for there to be this love interest on V's part, but for me it worked. I never wanted them to be together, but I loved how they are there for each other, watching each other's back. Butch surprised me, pleasantly, by being so understanding and even considerate of V's feelings. Another good thing is that there are no Lesser POVs. I never liked to read things from their point of view anyways.
Oh, and in regards to the bondage thing. It wasn't a turn off, but not a turn on either. It seemed forced. I didn't like it. It felt almost like "Oh, I haven't addressed V's fetish and need for S&M with the love of his life, so I need to throw something in there." Tie him up and whip him. But, as I understand S&M bondage stuff, isn't the real power with the person who can call a stop to the whole process? So how would that make V feel so powerful, to know that at any time his sex partner can call a halt to the festivities? So the control stands with whom? Definitely not the "Dominant" person because that person does not control how far or how long things go for.
I hope that when it comes time for Phury's book that I will want to read it...and don't even get me started on Phury. I was so anxious for this book, but now I am "eh" about the remaining portion of the series. And the next one is supposed to be in hardback?!? I won't buy it in hard back, but maybe I will probably read it because I am invested in the series as a whole.
If you have read Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward, let me know your opinions. Maybe you can shed some light on this particular novel for me and help me fall in love with it.

Okay, enough of that. On a happy note I finished reading the first 7 Sookie books. Can't wait for the next one. I look forward to more Eric-Sookie interaction. I liked Quinn. I went back and forth with Bill, and I am not quite sure now. I don't dislike him, but he isn't my fave either. Didn't like Alcide, no matter how hot he is. I am not really pulling for any one person for her to pick, I am happy with how the book reads. Yum. Can't wait for the next one - at least I hope there is a next one. Also can't wait for True Blood, even though I am usually unsure of books to TV or movies.

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Anonymous said...

The whole part about V letting Jane do the bondage to him is that he was giving up that control. It was very difficult for him to open himself up and let someone in because of his past. He was a shell not really alive, not giving any love or allowing himself to feel any. With Jane he let go and opened up. He wanted her to know him, all of him and he wanted to allow himself to feel the bond/love too. It was very emotional and hard for him. I feel bad for the Brother's. Here they are the savior's of their kind and all of them have experienced such pain. I root for them hoping that they will all find their happily ever after.