Thursday, January 05, 2006

Filipino food, Chamorro staples and resolutions

Okay, so New Year's has come and gone. This year just may be a great year. It is going to be the first full year of knowing my dad (I will tell that story soon). It will be the year I resolve to spend less money and save more of it. It is the year I will revamp my website and make it more functional with more content (old pictures be gone!). It is the year that my dog turns 3...and maybe gets a little better trained. It is the year I am going to learn to sew (now that I have that new sewing machine). And it is the year that I hope to get some real knitting done.
Yeah, all these resolutions and so little time. How will I pack it all in? Maybe this is the year I will stop procrastinating...maybe.

I bought the Crochet a day pattern calendar today and noticed was compiled by Annie Modesitt. I thought that was cool since I read her blog. Ooh, another thing I want to do this year...knit the corset. I haven't really gone through the calendar, but I did see a pattern for a crochet needle case that I want to make for my grandma. Her birthday is in a month and she would love that.

This long weekend I finally made the Beef stew with lechon sauce. It was good! I was looking for a recipe that would taste like the beef stew I had at Rambies on Guam. When I ate the stew, I realized that I no longer remember what the beef stew at Rambies tasted like. ha! It has been 6 years. So, I have decided that the lechon sauce was the missing ingredient and I love the beef stew that way. You can find the original recipe here. Or, you can go here to see my recipe for it. I adapted it to do in my pressure cooker. I wasn't exactly sure if the Asian stores sold lechon sauce, but they do. Sometimes the bottle is marked "special sauce". Do not ask me why.
In case anyone is wondering...lechon sauce? A Filipino condiment used with lechon (pig). It doesn't have pig in it.

Also, in case anyone knows what I am talking about...does anyone know where to get lemon powder in Dallas? You know, the kind that is in the little yellow package and is sold about 3-4 packages per can. The can is blue. Anyways, email me at deva at gumaperez dot com if you know of a place in Dallas that sells that. Just put in the @ and .com

I think that is it for now. I will post pics of some in progress things this weekend.

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