Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm listening...

It has been a little bit since I last posted. Not much to tell since I didn't finish my Olympic projects. I didn't finish the second project (hat for Grandma, I gave her something else for her b-day) and I didn't finish the secret project. I am kicking myself about the secret project and I know I have to get that finished soon. The Grandma project was okay to miss since she liked the gift I gave her anyways. It was a couple of books on hairpin lace and a large hairpin lace tool. I bought it last year and kept forgetting to give it to her. She hit me when she received it since she had been waiting so long for them. ;) Love you Grandma! (She just learned how to use the internet and can now check her own lotto numbers)

Grandma says "Wow, so this computer is useful for something other than playing solitaire and using as a personal stereo via iTunes."

On the knitting front...
I picked up the new IK this weekend along with the Knit.1. Yeah, wasted my money on the Knit.1. I should know better since I never really like the projects in them so much, but I can't help myself.

It is an addiction...

Deva in a store to purchase groceries, spots knitting mag from 7 aisles away, goes into trance mode, "Must have magazine", check out at register, get in car, put away groceries. "Hey, where did this magazine come from? I don't even remember picking it up."

Seriously, that is my story and I am sticking to it. Also, I went to Half-Price books the next day and that damn Knit.1 was there at half off. That will teach me. hmph.

I need to be put on a knitting magazine diet...or at least a calorie cut. You know, only buy magazine if there are, hmm, 2 patterns in the magazine that I would at least want to try and make? But the pictures are so colorful and pretty. I guess I will have to think about it.
I am also supposed to be seriously starting this losing weight thing and purling the pounds away project. It sure is easy to talk about shedding the, oh, 40 pounds I have put on in the past 6 years. There is something about moving out of your parent's house that puts weight on your bones. Late night dinners, eventually they catch up with you. Who knew?

Oh, lastly, I have been forced to listen to a light rock station, 103.7, and I think it is called Lite FM (original, I know). Well, on this station they play this song. Click here and just listen. It should be the first song that plays. It is beeeautiful and I fell in love with it. I play it all the time and it is the song on my MySpace page. Though, that song changes quite often with whatever new song strikes my fancy. But, this song rocks so you must listen.


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