Thursday, February 02, 2006

Morning Edge, where are you?

This morning I was listening to 102.1 The Edge. This is the radio station I listen to every morning, but it was different this morning. Why? Well, because I realized that my favorite morning show was no longer my favorite morning show...because it was no longer the morning show! Oh, Morning Edge, what happened to you? I searched and searched, but I couldn't find you.
I was a little suspicious earlier this week when the talent was discussing their contracts. Then yesterday morning as I approached the parking lot at work it suddenly dawned on me that all I heard on the way to work was music, no talk. Then this morning I decided to pay better attention. Yup, no talk just music. So, I rushed out of the shower and turned on the computer. What do I discover? No more talent slot listed for the 6-10 am slot. Is there anything in its place? Of course not. They just cut us off. No explanations, no apologies. Just cold turkey.
Yes, I know that all Jasmin did was laugh and Mondo was annoying (you should at least be hot if you are going to act like you are hot). But Dean was a sweetheart and who doesn't like a good dose of Jagger (arrogant as he is, it was fun to listen to)?
The new people are supposed to start in two weeks and I hope they don't blow because there isn't another rock station around. Plus, I happen to like to listen to the ranting and talk and games.
Obviously, change is not for me. They should have never gotten rid of Slim Jim.

On a happier note, yesterday I received an email from my dad and a snail mail note from my SP7 pal! Yay! My pal is doing the Knitting Olympics, which is another reminder that I have to pick a project. I will pick one this weekend.


Anonymous said...

The Edge is owned by Clear Channel. Ever since they entered the dallas market, they change the stations every few years. Hopefully you won't wake up one morning and realize that your favorite station just changed formats suddenly!

JT said...

I'm sure you already know this, but, Lex and Terry are the new morning edge host's. They are from Jacksonville, FL. Unfortunately they do suck. They were the Bo and Jim replacements for a short time when 102.1 was Q102(classic/new rock format that is sorely missed in the Dalls area) and the edge was still 94.5. The station does change formats entirely too much. Hopefully the edge sticks around in it's current(albeit slightly tame) state for awhile as the state of Dallas radio is a shame.

bdogg_mcgee said...

I was a bit shocked this morning, too, when I put the radio on (I have been listening to my iPod in the morning lately)....

I stopped listening to The Edge when Julie went over to 102.9, because I really liked her, and now it looks like she's gone from 102.9 too.

I hate it when Clear Channel does this stuff!!!!


topcop0238 said...

You fucking idiots need to listen to KISS FM. No one asked you to listen to the EDGE. Lex and Terry rule the station. If you don't like it...turn the dial

Anonymous said...

hopefully you figured it out by now, but the morning edge is now the free 105.3 morning show.