Saturday, February 18, 2006


So, the umbilical hat was finished, wrapped and gifted. It was received well. I was quite proud of it since it was my first venture into circular knitting on both a circ needle and DPNs. I did have some slight trouble since (yes, I know this is bad) I did not read the tools needed for the pattern correctly. I needed 5 #7 US DPNs and I only had 4. I was so close to finishing it on Monday. I even thought, hey I am going to complete this tonight and it didn't take me too long. In fact, it would have only taken me a couple of hours if I had dedicated actual time to it instead of working on it on my lunch break and when in the car. I started on Saturday evening, didn't touch it on Sunday and would have finished on Monday had I had the needles. On Monday night I transferred all the stitches to the 4 DPNs I had, I then realized that I was in need of one more. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby on my way home on Tuesday solved that problem and the hat was quickly finished.
This was a fantastic project and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to knit on circs or DPNs as it was quite simple to do and a very quick knit. I did it in Sidar Snuggly DK in some powder blue color holding 2 strands throughout. I was going to use a wool blend, but I wasn't sure about babies and allergies.
I do, however, wish I had chosen a different color as the blue didn't do the hat justice. The yellow in the picture was a good choice. Something bright and fun would have been the way to go as it would have matched the hat better.
I have a cousin who is pregnant, and since this was so fun to knit she will probably be receiving one. I do not know if she is having a boy or a girl, so maybe I will wait a bit. Or, I will just make one and hope for the best. =)
I also want to make the devil hat or the official kitty hat. Umm...I think I may be addicted to hats. Really, I am addicted to knitting in the round on circs. It is such an amazing process and I love the look. When I was working on it I told Grandma that I was only going to knit things in the round from now on. =P

Okay, I am off to work on the other aspects of the Olympics projects. I will post pics and details on them tonight or tomorrow morning.

*Pics above: hat on 4 DPNs waiting on the 5th, pic of finished hat with Stitch N Bitch, another pic with finished hat on Stitch N Bitch. *

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