Friday, September 22, 2006

Okay, premiere week recap, knitting & injury updates

I actually have pictures to post this time around.

Knitting - I am currently working on My So Called Scarf. It is going quick, whenever I decide to pick it up. The stitch pattern was very easy to memorize (this is great!) and the Manos is very nice to knit with. I thought it would be too scratchy at first, but not so far. The color is really pretty and I am glad I am finally getting around to this. I may just figure out a pattern to knit a hat version out of the scarf since I do not have the knitting magazine with Cross Hat-ch in it. I will post pics of the scarf progress when I get home today and a pick of the hat should I ever do it.

- I have also swatched for the Beaded Cami. I bought some pink silk yarn blend from ebay earlier this month. The gauge was dead on! This was very exciting for me. Now, I have to decide if I want to review the pattern and rewrite it so I can knit it in the round or just knit on straight needles and fight through the seaming process. I will decide this weekend.

- I have also received the Homespun yarn I bought on ebay as well for my grandma's friend's aghan. She requested a white afghan for her birthday in November. Considering that I have ADD when it comes to knitting, I do not think I will actually complete it in time for her birthday. But I will give it my best effort. In addition to the white request, she also wants it to be sparkly. I have some beads, but now I am thinking about using a metallic carry along yarn instead and maybe using a lacy type of boarder with the metallic yarns. This may add just the right enough of sparkle. I will post progress once I start it.

Injury update:
It has now been 10 weeks since the accident, 9 weeks since the surgery. This means it has been 10 weeks since I have walked, put weight on my left foot, driven a car, gotten up on my own without some type of human or other assistance. I am hoping that in a few weeks I will be given the okay to walk. I am also hoping that it will not be too painful when that time comes.
I have an appointment next week to take another x-ray of my ankle. All in all, I have been feeling pretty good. My back (hip) and right leg have been giving me some trouble. Numbness, pain, tingling feelings. Aside, from that I am doing okay. I sleep without the boot on my left ankle and that is going well. When I get home I immediately remove the boot and this gives quite a bit of comfort to have it out. I have good flexion and extension (up and down movements) without too much discomfort. It still swells vastly and makes it uncomfortable to move at those times. I am getting around well enough, though.
Since being back to work (August 7) I have only missed one full day of work. The first week back I worked half days, but have been working full time since then.
I have pictures of my foot when it swells (usually when I get home from work). I have been thinking about posting it on here, but I am still thinking about it. haha.
To all the people who have left comments about their talus fractures and encouragement to get better - THANKS! It is greatly appreciated. And I am sure it is a relief to all the other people out there (lurkers, you know who you are) to know that they are not alone with their injury and recovery woes.

Now - for the exciting stuff! Television!
Last night was the season premieres of My Name Is Earl, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and CSI. Okay, I have not watched CSI yet, but it is on my list for Saturday morning television. I like to save some of my favorites for the weekend when the husband is still sleeping (usually because there are NOT his favorites.)

First - The Office
* I thought that the "Okay" was a little bit of genius and a little bit of WTF. My take is that Jim already knew Pam's answer. He knew what she was going to say at that point, but decided to put it on the line anyways. He had to give it one last shot. He knew she felt the same way, at least some of it. And though she was still getting married, he would have that moment.
* I am not so sure about the Stamford office thing. The Office (Scranton) is not quite the same. And I think letting Michael get so over-the-top with the conference room (the hug and kiss) was a way to show how things are without Jim. He was, after all, the guy who kept Michael in check while still making him feel like he was in control. Ahh, Jim, we miss you.
* Rashida's roll, I hear, is supposed to be a love interest for Jim this season. Knowing this going in to this episode I was curious to see what role she would play in the opening episode. Also, going in to this episode made me not like her already since I am a Jim and Pam devotee. The imitating Jim was a genius move though. She had it dead on and it was funny. We will see how he wins her over and how it all plays out.
* The view - dark, grey, dreary. Great!
* Jim in a suit. Aww, our boy is all grown up!
* "It pays to be gay"
* Angela was extra repulsive. I am not so sure about making her as ignorant as she was. I understand it was completely in character, but I still did not like it.
* Meredith and the hand sanitizer!
* Phyllis and Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration.
* "My house now has 2 toasters"
* "That'll show them" Ryan regarding not being a temp.

Okay, enough of the Office obsession

Grey's Anatomy:
* "I am in love with you. So, you have a decision to make because when I had a decision to make I made the wrong one." This is what it means Meredith!
* Christina crying? Umm, I don't see it. When she lost the baby, I saw it. This time, I didn't see it.
* I know he is only signed for 6 episodes but "My hat is in the ring" Chris O'Donnell is gorgeous. Though I want Meredith and McDreamy to be together, I think being with Finn for a bit is not such a bad idea.

Alright, I really have a lot more to say, but I have to get back to work. More later - after I watch CSI tomorrow morning!

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