Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CSI NY New Episode 9/27/06

Does anyone else watch CSI: NY? I think this season may just be interesting. I know that some people like shows that pay more attention to the cases than to the personal lives of the characters. I like the personal sides. I like to get to know the characters, their backgrounds, their relationships, their lives. I think it makes the show more human, more real. This particular episode "Not What It Looks Like" was interesting in the last few minutes of the episode.
Danny shows that side of himself that we all know and love by asking Lindsay if she knows what she is doing. Telling her that they have undercovers to do that part of the job and she doesn't have to risk herself. He listened intently for clues and when she was made he was the first to realize it. Then, rushing in, the scenes showing Stella going for the bad guys first but Danny going for Lindsay first. They are sucking us in to this Danny Lindsay obsession. And that hug at the very end? Classic move to get us to watch more and more.
I like the idea of Danny and Lindsay hooking up. The flirting is cute and I understand stretching out hookups so that people keep watching, but I want to see this one happen already! Haha! I am just impatient because The Office has no hookup, Bones - no hookup, CSI - no hookup, House - no hookup. I have no romance this season! And, if you know me, you know I am a sucker for romance.
So, Danny and Lindsay. Please tell me there are other people out there who want these two to get together. Mack with the new ME is okay, but I have nothing invested in her. I don't know her. To me she is a new character and I can take her or leave her right now because I know nothing about her. Flack is hot and needs someone, but I think his character needs a little bit of development first. Stella, well, after that last relationship from last season I think she needs a break. Maybe for this whole season. But Lindsay? I like her. That small town girl who is strong enough to hold her own in a new, big city. She has built in character. And Danny, we know he was the tough guy from the wrong side of the tracks making good now. He has heart. A caring side. I think those 2 have chemistry best explored more in a relationship that happens this season.
So - the powers that be - if you read this know that I will still watch if the D/L hookup happens because I will just be thankful for SOME romance in this television season!


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