Friday, January 27, 2006

Who is good?

I am good. Last night I went to the yarn shop and bought some thing. And, do I have pictures? Of course I do!!
Okay, I bought some pink bamboo yarn and some blue baby DK yarn (I see an umbilical hat and some booties coming out of that) and some self patterning sock yarn (because it was on sale and I want to try my hand on socks).

I also bought some really pretty stuff for my secret pal, but I can't show any pictures of it of course. I am thinking of knitting up something for her as well, I hope she likes it.
I am also thinking of knitting up a scarf to be one of those little gifts you give away at baby showers from the games. I won't offer it up until I am actually done with it, though.

I mentioned before that I was planning a trip to Colorado in March. Now that we are just about into February I am getting really excited. We are also planning on going to Boston in May for Bea's graduation and that should be fun. I haven't been anywhere in the US other than Texas and San Francisco. I can't wait to go exploring more. =)

Well, that is all I have for now. I will post more this weekend.

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