Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I picked up the first two stories about Sookie Stackhouse, Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire series. I only picked them up because the second story had a picture of the Dallas skyline on the front. I love stories set in places I am familiar with. It helps me feel part of the story instead of just a bystander watching the story pass me by.
I love the descriptions of University Park because it was exactly how I thought of it. I have also heard of a lot of the cities she mentions in Louisiana. I know a few people who are from Louisiana and talk about their home towns. Those hometowns are mentioned in her books. I also have been to Shreveport, though I did not see a Fangtasia nor any vampires hanging around (at least none who were openly advertising themselves as vampires), it was still nice to read the story and think to myself "hey, I've been there!"
I am planning to get to the bookstore tomorrow to pick up the rest of the series, or at least book 3 and 4 (I have 5, but I am holding off on reading it until I read 3 and 4).
Listening: To nothing because even my ears are too tired to listen to anything after the butt kicking workout tonight.
Reading: nothing because I just finished the last page of Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris. I will wait until tomorrow to start a new read.
Knitting: umm, I seem to have misplaced Sheldon. I will look for him tomorrow morning so that I may continue to knit him. I want to finish him this weekend.

EDIT: I also meant to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the 2 stories that I have read so far and I can't wait to read the rest!! =)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE her books!

Deva said...

I was remiss...I should have also said that I LOVED the stories I read so far. =)