Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Knitting Olympics, Reality Shows and Naps

Yesterday I got on the elevator to go downstairs for lunch. When the doors closed, I was all by myself. The first thought in my head? Wow, it would be so nice for the elevator to get stuck between floors for a couple of hours so I can take a nap.
I was really tired yesterday. Why was I tired? Well, on Saturday I discovered a reality show that I enjoy watching. I added the show to my Season Pass on my Tivo. On Monday night I decided to catch up on the series and I watched all the episodes. I was up till 2am.
I have never been really in to reality shows. I never liked the Real World, I do not watch Survivor and the idea of sitting through a whole Fear Factor makes me ill. But, I turned on the TV on Saturday to the Bravo channel. And what possible reality show caught my interest? Project Runway! I have seen commercials for it, but did not think I would be interested. Then I watched an episode and now I am hooked.
Well, I am better rested today, so on to the Knitting Olympics! I found a post yesterday about the
Knitting Olympics and now I am determined to try it. I want to work on a sweater or something like that since I have never completed a sweater. I will pick one this weekend. I am thinking maybe the Ballet Wrap Cardigan in IK Winter 2005. We will see. Anybody have ideas for a beginner knitter ready to move forward?
Aaron's birthday is tomorrow. He will be 27. Wow, time flies. I haven't bought him a present, but I am taking him out to dinner on Friday. I won't say where because he may read this post, but I know he will love me even more by the end of the week. =)
Also, my grandmother on my dad's side will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow as well as Aaron's dad. A lot of January 19 babies. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!!

That is it for now, since I want to finish my yummy peanut butter and nutella sandwich. More later!

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