Thursday, January 12, 2006

One of those days

It has been one of those days. You know, when you get on the road to work and you catch every red light, see 5 cops, get stuck behind every slow driver and it all makes you late to work. So, I was about 2 minutes late. This is irritating since I wanted to get to work early today. Oh well.

I have been working on the dog sweater and hopefully I will complete it this weekend. I will post a pic of it then. I am also about to continue the shrug. Since I knit on my lunch break, and I am on my lunch break right now, I will continue it when I am done with this post. I will probably get a pic of that by Saturday. It is kind of a boring knit, so it is taking a lot of effort to keep my interest on it.

I spoke to my dad last night. My husband, sister and I are planning a trip to Colorado in March to visit him and his wife. It should be fun. We have never been on a real road trip. There have been a few trips to Houston, but that is only about 4 hours away. It will take us all day to get to Colorado. We are planning on hanging out there for a week. We are going to spend my birthday will be a first with him.
I am working on a list of yarn shops that I can hit on the drive from Dallas to Pueblo. If anyone knows of any good ones, email me or comment.

I am going to look for some yarn this weekend to do the Corset in. Hopefully I find something I want to work with.

Oh, and I received my SP7 info. WooHoo!! Now I can shop around and pick out some things for her. This will be cool.

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